Day 100 – A Window to my Apple

Today was a day of miles and milestones.

My Dad, my very optimistic road warrior Dad, planned out an itinerary from Fort Meyers, Florida to Phippsburg, Maine with the exact route and hotel reservation confirmations all specifically noted on four little lined sheets of paper ripped from a pocket notebook.  Our trip was solidly planned out with love and care – seriously, it is truly possible to do on 4 tiny sheets of paper.  He told us that the first day would be the longest- 9 hours  – no problem!

I arrived in Florida on Thursday for one day of rest on the beach before starting the long drive.  Dad needed to leave early Friday on a business trip to China which is the reason I’m traveling with Mom.  We left this morning with a sense of adventure and mugs full of Dunkin Donut’s coffee (there is a reason it wasn’t Starbucks but that’s another story.)  We had been in the car a mere 3 hours when an email arrived from Dad saying “watching the sunset over Tokyo – you must be just north of Daytona beach” at which point I thought to myself  “oh no – oh dear God no we aren’t even close to Daytona Beach.”  Our 9 hours was destined to become epic.

My Dad has managed to fly on to Shanghai and sleep 9 full hours (second email) at the time of this writing but thankfully our trusty if not insistent “Re-Calculating”  GPS tells us we are 8 miles from our Holiday Inn room, which is certainly a good thing because  something funny happens to your sense of reality on a long road trip – not least of which is a clear glimpse into your psyche.  Thankfully – Mom and I are looking through that window and we choose laughter.  Oh, and the milestone I mention is day 100!

Until tomorrow.


Day 100 was created with white acrylic paint used as a resist and black india ink.  Similar to Day Eighty seven!