Day Ninety – Apple Whimsy

Thank goodness for different tastes.

I don’t think I have a “style” – in fact I’m a bit of a mess when it comes to what I like to wear vs. how I decorate my home and my art is all over the place.  Perhaps that would make you call me wishy washy or indecisive but I’d like to believe it comes from a love of color and interesting things regardless of  a way they should or could fit into my life in a nice, neat package.  Nothing magazine perfect here!  And whimsy falls into that category – quirky, colorful, and a bit odd.  Just like me.

Until tomorrow.


Day 90 was created with a new 9B pencil and watercolor.  The graphite gives a different effect than my usual black archival ink – a beautiful illustration technique I recently saw on an art blog – I can’t find the site tonight but I loved the effect and I had to try my hand at it.