Day 121 – Vera Apple

Artistic inspiration is a funny thing.

You never know where you’ll find it – I most certainly don’t, so I gorge myself on images. I subscribe to a number of shelter and a couple of fashion magazines and I look at a lot of art, design, and craft blogs. I find that even an interesting combination of colors can strike something in me. Tonight’s image is a nod to a textile designer who was apparently very big in the 1970’s. Vera Neumann created a similar apple for plates for Mikasa. I adore her gestural simplicity and had fun creating todays apple right down to the signature (lucky me that ‘Jenna’ looks like ‘Vera’ in cursive)!

Inspiration is less elusive when it comes to the blogging world of health activism. I’m amazed at the courage and strength people are finding to open themselves up and tell their story. Thank you fellow bloggers for showing the world that good things come from sharing your story no matter how painful.

Until tomorrow.


Day 121 was created with a Brush tip Faber-Castell PITT artist pen and watercolor. It took a couple of attempts to get the quick spontaneous lines to come out in a way I liked but I did labor over it too much as much as I tried not to – paper and supplies still seems precious to me. I did do an apple on Day Eight that was 30 seconds and BAM!  But it was a crisis situation to say the least!