Day 217 – Amazing Day for Us All!

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred SeventeenWhat an amazing day!

We made huge strides is spreading AS awareness today. Thank you everyone!

More great stuff to come in the next couple of days – sorry for the short post tonight I’ve been busy watching the twitter and facebook action happening as we get ready to announce the winners of the prizes for this round of Hope & Apples. We’re on to something here and I know all of us will continue to work on awareness – we’ve seen what we can do as a team! Bravo to all of you!

Until tomorrow.


Day 217 was created with a Faber-Castell – PITT artist pen with a brush tip and then highlighted with watercolor.

Day 156 – Pastel No. 6

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Fifty Six

First Ever Twitter Chat for Spondylitis is tomorrow! I will be hosting and facilitating the twitter chat support group on Sundays at 2pm EST. We will be using the hashtag #Spondy to follow the conversation or join in.

For more on how to get started with Twitter – I’ve added a page here – Twitter Tips & Tricks!

I’d love to have you all join in – it’s very exciting for me to gather us all together!


Until tomorrow.


Day 156 is the sixth chalk pastel in my 365 day series. Here are the others.

Pastel No. 1

Pastel No. 2

Pastel No. 3

Pastel No. 4

Pastel No. 5