Day 127 – The Kiss

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Twenty Seven
Art Apple - Day One Hundred Twenty Seven

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Doug.

I am so fortunate to have the amazing support of my family, but most of all I have a care giver who I can count on. I hate to say “caregiver” because that evokes images of someone who can’t manage for themselves – and I most certainly can. But Doug helps me in ways a spouse of someone without AS wouldn’t have to. He never questions or complains when I ask him to help me – something my pride isn’t great at but I have learned to get over. He is ever conscious of my limitations even when I would like to forget them. It has changed the course of our lives for sure but he’s never complained or said an unkind word. He has simply been my rock and my love. I wish everyone could have someone in their lives who they can be 100% themselves with. There is nothing better than the safety I feel knowing he will stand by me. Happy Birthday sweet love – this kiss is for you!

Until tomorrow.


Day 127 was created in mixed media including watercolor, colored pencil, metallic gold pen, acrylic, and gold leaf.  This may be my most detailed apple yet but if you like it I think you’ll also like Day 4, Day 29, Day 45, perhaps the Pollock or the Picasso!

Interesting Gustav Klimt Website – “The Kiss, the most celebrated of Klimt’s paintings, seems to embody his belief in the transforming power of love and art.”