Day 144 – Sushi Apple

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Forty Four

I’m a foodie.

I love tastes – textures – exotic flavors. And, I love Sushi! But probably not as much as my brother Jason does and today is his birthday so he is the inspiration behind today’s art apple and post.

I’m a lucky gal – I’m friends with my brothers and especially close to my younger brother Jason. We think the same way and are so head strong and passionate that it gets us in trouble sometimes but we’ve always been each others champions and  supporters. I’m the godmother to his two beautiful children Parker and Beckett – I just wish I could live in Maine to be near all of them. On birthdays and holidays I feel especially far away. If I lived near my family, Jason and I would have gone for Sushi today. So – hopefully this sushi apple will take my place for now. I also want to share a post my fellow AS blogger Maya wrote recently for her brother. It’s wonderful and touching and includes a poem that I adore. I wish I could have written something like this for Jay Jay but since I have no idea how she does this – she has given me permission to share it with you.

Stepping on a Nest with my Brother
in Lovell, Maine: Summer of ‘91

It just takes one bee
to remind me of your heel
punched through
that pregnant nest,
the petite army filing out
until the air looked
just like rain falling
upwards. I remember
all of it: the wing-buzz
on my earlobe, my fat knees
made fatter with venom
and your Velcro sandals
breaded in the angry things.
I’ve said it was the spice
of the stingers I remember
most when really
it’s the piggybacked topple
into Lake Kezar, the tallying
our wounds, licking them
like postage. Even now,
years later I remember you
this way: some odd superhero,
cape of hornets blazing behind.

Until tomorrow.


Day 144 was created in mixed media. I’ve been loving using watercolor over acrylic!