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Day 125 – Still Life No. 2

Who’s to say what art is? As an artist who has struggled all her life to feel somewhat comfortable saying, “I’m an artist”.  I feel that everyone belongs to this group and there should be no exclusions. We were born with creative free thinking minds that put images and thoughts together both with purpose and […]

Day Eight – Spiraling Out Of Control!

Well – Tonight might have been my first miss but encouragement from Doug and Elizabeth have me posting a very simple almost gesture like drawing.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring some more detail and color. Until tomorrow. Jenna

Day Seven – Up On A Pedestal

I guess this sums up where I’m at with my Art Apples.  Drew this in my sketch book and tore it out to scan.  I’m so happy to be home for a visit and I love being in Maine!  Tomorrow we head to Vinalhaven for the weekend for family, wine, and lobster! Until tomorrow. Jenna