Day Thirty – Apple n’ Bones

I had such a creative block today.

Tomorrow for Halloween I have an Apple o’ Lantern planned but I think I’ve done every conceivable Halloween image possible.  At least it seems that way but with 365 days of apples needed, I will be creating Art Apples that are relevant to the calendar, current events and happenings so please humor me with a few more Halloween apples.  LOL!

Doug was wonderful help to me talking it out and giving suggestions.  I thought maybe a caramel apple or a Beetle Juice apple (I would have loved to do a Beetle Juice Apple but I couldn’t face doing a Tim Burton inspired apple and risk not doing it justice.)  So…  One of my thoughts was to do a skeleton but I couldn’t figure out a good way to incorporate the apple – but my sweet, clever husband came up with a solution.  He did however think I should have added some color but I love it just black and white.  Hope you do too!

Until tomorrow.


Day Thirty was created with archival black ink.