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Day 338 – An un-Saturday, Saturday Apple

I was all ready to post a Saturday Apple. In order to attempt to have a life that went beyond apple making, I instituted the “Saturday Apple.” These apples have often times been simpler images with almost no post. The decision to reel in my apple life on Saturdays may have saved not only my […]

Day 303 – An Experiment

Every great inspiration is but an experiment. – Charles Ives Lately on Saturdays I’ve been creating a “Saturday Apple” – an apple that is pretty but simply painted and that doesn’t include any post. It was a bit of a compromise with Doug because I was spending a lot of time on the weekends on […]

Day 296 – Saturday Apple No. 11

Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 296 was created in watercolor.

Day 289 – Saturday Apple No. 10


Day 282 – Saturday Apple No. 9

Happy Saturday everyone! Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 282 was created in graphite and acrylic paint.

Day 233 – Saturday Apple

“Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.” ~Pooh’s Little Instruction Book Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 233 was created in mixed media.

Day 191 – Saturday Apple No. 5

Sometimes you’ve just got to get away! Doug and I packed up the car, loaded Ella our Aussie-Border Collie mutt in the back, and headed for the mountains this afternoon. The drive up was just beautiful and we would have played “Yellow” the entire way if Doug had had his way. I made it through […]