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Day 360 – We Feel It

“A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.” – Japanese Proverb Last week a great article was written in the Huffington Post by Daniel P. Malito who writes about Rheumatiod Arthritis in their health section as well as for Creaky Joints. His article explains in clear terms what happens in the […]

Day 301 – Eleven Things To Try When You Can’t Smile Away The Pain

A lovely woman – a new good friend – asked the question today about how to help with the pain when the meds have run out. That is something I would love to have the answer to because the pain of autoimmune arthritis can be excruciating and when you don’t have the means to get […]

Day 116 – Tin Heart

Oh how I can relate to the tin man! One of my new Twitter buds has a slogan he uses and attributes to his Rheumatologist – “Motion is Lotion!” Keep active and those joints will stay happy. The tin man was stuck in one spot for years but let’s get moving, ‘Stand Tall’, and Move […]

Day 110 – Cut open

Blogs and bloggers are often accused of being narcissistic. I understand where this comes from, I do. ¬†Bloggers spend a lot of time talking about themselves but they do it to attempt to reach their reader – to hopefully give you something of value so that you’ll come back ūüôā I promise to try to […]

Day Ninety five – Appily Infused.

Aaaaaahhhhhhh! ¬†I received my Remicade infusion this afternoon. The vitality this amazing drug gives me is slowly working its way into and around my cells, blocking all those crummy little immune attackers that are friends to most people’s bodies. ¬†In mine, they go haywire and have a big party. ¬†Without the big pac-man,¬†TNF blockers, I […]

Day Ninety four – a web of shards

A web of shards – well, I got your attention! I had no idea what to call this apple so… what do you think? ¬†LoL! Remicade infusion tomorrow! ¬†I’ve managed to make it to seven weeks! ¬†I really wasn’t sure I could do it but it will definitely help the savings account :0 ¬†I’m so […]

Day Seventy six – Bee Hive Apple

I am so excited to tell you about Henri & the Bee! A story by a 5th grader by the name of Katherine and her dad Jeff, about a a dog named Henri who dreams of travels across the country and through the seasons in search of a sweet treat. Helped by a friendly bee, […]

Day Seventy three – Apple Wreath

I painted my front door purple last year – actually the color was called tannin and it is more of an eggplant or wine color. ¬†I have a wreath on it for most of the year that has chartreuse apples – I love the color combination of greens and purples. ¬†I thought I’d paint something […]

Day Sixty five – Polar Bear

Why are Polar Bears associated with Christmas? Was it the Coke ad or the big white abominable snowman from Rudolf the Red Nose Raindeer that made us think arctic beasts were related to the holidays? ¬†Maybe it’s the fact that they live near the north pole so they must know Santa Claus. It doesn’t really […]

Day Sixty two – Untangle me!

Christmas lights! ¬†Love ’em – hate ’em – can’t live without them! We always put up a live tree. ¬†Maybe someday I’ll give in to the convenience of an artificial one but it won’t be because of the sap that gets all over the house as you drag in the tree, or the needles that […]