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Day 350 – My Mom’s Perspective

My mom has been with me everyday and at every step through each apple. She has cheered each high and she’s felt my lows probably more than I have. When she told me she was writing about her impressions of the last 10 years I felt a huge sense of relief. I cried when I […]

Day 338 – An un-Saturday, Saturday Apple

I was all ready to post a Saturday Apple. In order to attempt to have a life that went beyond apple making, I instituted the “Saturday Apple.” These apples have often times been simpler images with almost no post. The decision to reel in my apple life on Saturdays may have saved not only my […]

Day 329 – Pin Cushion

Infusion day always feels a little like human pin cushion day! My infusion nurses are awesome and my nurse today knows and empathizes like few could – you see, she too has AS. I’ll be feeling great in no time – love my Remicade but it does knock me flat for a day or two […]

Day 299 – I’m Alright

I am so much better today. Thank you to everyone for letting me have a moment. Sometimes in life I think we just need to let it all out – oy – I guess I did! I had my infusion today so the pain has already subsided some. Remicade can really wipe me out for […]

Day 270 – The First Wealth is Health

The first wealth is health. – Ralph Waldo Emerson Doug and I are headed to Maine for the Fourth of July holiday. I’ve been furiously working to make sure I have everything in order… Shorts, flip-flops, and fleece (it is summer in Maine) Art supplies – check. Someone to house sit and take care of […]

Day 221 – Beautiful Friend

I have a beautiful friend named Stacey. I met her a couple of years ago when I ventured slowly back into the work force after years of being so very sick with AS. After my eventual diagnosis I thought I was ready to dip my toe back in and see if I could handle the […]

Day 137 – Topiary

I love to garden. It amazes me to see something come to life from a seed or a dormant bunch of twigs. For me it’s a way to paint with living things and I’ve always been very interested in trying my hand at topiary. Country Living had an article last year or maybe two years […]

Day Ninety five – Appily Infused.

Aaaaaahhhhhhh!  I received my Remicade infusion this afternoon. The vitality this amazing drug gives me is slowly working its way into and around my cells, blocking all those crummy little immune attackers that are friends to most people’s bodies.  In mine, they go haywire and have a big party.  Without the big pac-man, TNF blockers, I […]

Day Ninety four – a web of shards

A web of shards – well, I got your attention! I had no idea what to call this apple so… what do you think?  LoL! Remicade infusion tomorrow!  I’ve managed to make it to seven weeks!  I really wasn’t sure I could do it but it will definitely help the savings account :0  I’m so […]