Day 323 – That’ll Do

Art Apple - Day Three Hundred Twenty Three“That’ll do, Donkey. That’ll do.”

It’s Fairy Tale Friday!

What an amazing modern day fairy tale Shrek is. An ogre who finds true love with a princess who is beautiful on the inside. Shrek goes on quite an adventure all in the hopes of getting his quiet, lonely life back to normal and having his swamp ousted of all the fairy tale creatures.

What Shrek finds much to his surprise is friends and love. It’s an irreverent tale of happiness and life lessons! One of my favorite scenes is when Shrek helps Donkey face his fears – a scene when his heart starts to truly soften.

Shrek helps Donkey over a rickety bridge and says…

“Come on, Donkey. I’m right here beside ya, okay? For emotional support, we’ll just tackle this thing together one little baby step at a time.”

Shrek gets Donkey distracted – he says “That’ll do, Donkey. That’ll do.” His way of saying each step Donkey takes is one more that will get them there together.

All this and the return of “I’m a Believer!” Quite a tale – one that’ll do for sure!

Until tomorrow.


Day 323 was created in ink and watercolor.

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Day 321 – Lovey Dovey

“Really love your… apples, want to shake your tree” – Steve Miller Band, with a slight improvisation.

This song takes me back and makes me sing it in the goofiest of ways, swaying my hips and hearing the tune in my head. If fact, since I decided to post this apple and topic today, I can’t stop singing “waaaaan wooooow” and “oooee Baby.” I can’t carry a tune so… I sing anyway!

This is the exact thing I love repeating over and over to bug the beegezus out of my sweet husband Doug until I get him to laugh or scream (yeah, I perform until I get a reaction – childish but oh so fun.)

Today I’m actually feeling sorry for the poor guy. I’m a bit giddy silly for some reason this afternoon and since he has a home office he is lucky that he has zero commute but unfortunate in that he has to put up with my antics all day long. “Lovey, dovey… lovey dovey…. lovey, dovey – all the time

Honey – “You’re the cutest thing that I ever did see!” LOL!  Even when you don’t put the Salt & Pepper away – humph.

Until tomorrow.


Day 321 was created in mixed media collage and acrylic paints.

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1. Countdown – 44 days to The Big Apple Paint-A-Thon!

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Day 315 – Sit & Watch

Art Apple - Day Three Hundred FifteenEveryone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.  ~Elizabeth Lawrence

August is marching on.  I’ve started to feel the air change and the weight of the hot days lift. Last night the first hint of fall showed up with a blessed cool breeze that allowed me to snuggle under my down comforter.

I hope to take some time to stop and watch the season starting ever so slowly to change.

Until tomorrow.


Day 315 was created in watercolor.

Day 313 – The Earth Laughs In Flowers

Art Apple - Day Three Hundred Thirteen“The earth laughs in flowers” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love to create and tend a garden.

Although our dry and dusty climate here in eastern Colorado can be a challenge I feel a huge sense of accomplishment in watching my vegetable garden come to life. Eating foods you have sown, tended, and picked feels real. It feels right to me and it is a hobby that keeps me active, intrigued, and engaged. But I plant flowers to see the pallet and texture of a composition come to life. I thrill when the first buds start to appear in the spring and I feel like the perennials who come back to visit me each year, thriving a bit more with time and care, become my friends. I speak to them – in my mind anyway as I walk past, “Hello Ms. Butterfly Bush, your purple is looking especially vibrant today!” And,”Ooh Hollyhock, I’m sorry to hear you are having such a bad case of the grasshoppers.” Flowers are joy and love and laughter.

Pick a posy; laugh with the earth!

Until tomorrow.


Day 313 was created in pen & ink and watercolor.

In The Studio

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Day 300 – Learn, Live, Hope

Art Apple - Day Three HundredLearn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. – Albert Einstein

I have learned so much in the last 10 months.

I had no idea what an amazing ride this was going to be. I had no idea that I would experience so many joys as well as some deep sadnesses that would travel along with me. I’ve felt so much joy in seeing the determination and strength of others and I’ve made some wonderful friendships that I cherish and will always carry with me. But, I also didn’t expect how much I would be affected by the fact that there are so many wonderful people suffering. I know what spondylitis can do to a life – I just didn’t realize that by actively being in the community I would be faced with living the suffering through the stories I would hear every day and that these stories would stop being something that I could keep at arms length or turn off – these stories were now my friends. I live their pain with my pain now and the toll it has taken on my emotions has been immense. It has been overwhelming at times but I am truly grateful for it. I am so blessed to know and love and feel the support of so many people. I thank each and every one of you for helping me get this far!

Even with the ups and downs of the last 10 months, I wouldn’t change – much. I can’t say I wouldn’t change anything – there are many things I would but I have learned so much about myself, I’ve learned about twitter and social media which has been an education that I will always have, and I have learned a lot about human nature and what chronic pain and illness can do to a person.

I have lived the lives of so many and re-lived some moments in my life that I would have rather left behind. I pledge to live for today because today my AS is managed. I will live for today in the hope that I can help make a bit of difference. I live for today because tomorrow I make another apple – in the hopes that tomorrow we will have a cure!

Until tomorrow.


Day 300 was something very new – something I’ve been wanting to experiment with – my sewing machine! Paper, acrylic paint, ink, fabric, thread, a leaf made from a yen of some sort that my Dad brought back from China.

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Day 295 – A Smallish Nap… or Two

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Ninety Five”Let’s begin by taking a smallish nap or two.”
-Winnie the Pooh

Poor Pooh has been lost in the Harry Potter buzz. I adore Winnie The Pooh. Ok, so who doesn’t?

There is a new Disney animated film about the Hundred Acre Woods with the whole cast of characters – Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga & Roo, Eeyore, and TIGGER! I cannot wait to see it and get lost for a couple of hours in my childhood.

I also loved the book The Tao of Pooh – I think it would be a great time to re-read it. The book uses Pooh’s natural optimism and outlook to teach Taoism which is a way of appreciating and learning from whatever happens in everyday life. Get stuck in the door to your home, no problem, sit back and enjoy the time with a friend as you wait patiently to lose a few pounds. No need to panic, it will all sort out in time. Live in the present for heaven’s sake!

I didn’t sleep but a wink last night and my weary AS body needed a smallish nap or two today – and since Pooh begins most tasks in life with naps – how bad can they be?

Until tomorrow.


Day 295 was created in Black India Ink and Watercolor.

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Day 293 – Even A Small Key

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Ninety ThreeA small key opens big doors. – Turkish Proverb

Choose to do something that means something to you. Choose to find a place for your energies and your passions. It isn’t about finding the right idea or the right cause or the right job. It is about unlocking a door and stepping past the threshold – that is the biggest step.

When you choose and take action it will open amazing new paths in your life. Have faith that you hold the key. It may feel small and inconsequential but it also holds the promise of very big and wonderful things.

Until tomorrow.


Day 293 was created in graphite and watercolor.

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Day 291 – Be A Fruitloop!

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Ninety OneBe a fruitloop in a world full of cheerios!

For anyone who knows me, be it for years or all my new friends I’ve met “virtually” this year, this pretty much sums me up. Add flavor and color and life becomes so much more interesting!

My favorite art pieces are ones with over-the-top color, spontaneity, and something a bit unexpected. My understanding of my art is crystallizing. By “having” to create a piece of art everyday for all these months, I understand what makes me happy while I’m in the process of painting. I now know deeply how I want to express myself – something that has felt elusive for so many years. I feel so much more confident in my skills and my love of the process of creating. There was a time when I thought I would never be happy in a life as an artist – that I needed more. And, I guess I did. Part of the reason that Art Apple A Day makes me so happy is that it allows me to create but – gives me more. All while allowing me to be a fruitloop – perfect!

Until tomorrow.


Day 291 was created in mixed media – the strange but wonderful combo of acrylic and watercolor – a process I’ve found I love but only just discovered in the experiments of this last year.

*** Be a Fruitloop is a metaphor for life – I think I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve eaten them. Now – if we were talking pop tarts… that’s a different story, although they aren’t on my current Gluten Free diet 🙁

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