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Day 151 – Zen Tangle

I had never heard of a Zentangle. Zentangle is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. The concept was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts as a form of meditation – a type of art that provides a sense of freedom and well-being! Their motto is “Anything is possible […]

Day 140 – Simplicity

Some days I have a hankering for simple things. A glass of iced tea, a good book (the kind made with paper), and taking a moment to sit in the sun out on the front porch and throw the ball for the dog. Pattern for me is calming because it’s based on rules and guidelines. […]

Day Eighty eight – All Heart and One Apple

I’m amazed by the wonderful people I’m meeting and their support and encouragement keeps me going. This piece was inspired by them – their love surrounds me everyday and this week it is especially needed.  As most of you know, I get an I.V. infusion of a biologic medication called Remicade to help control my […]

Day Seventy – Pattern Play no. 2

I had a great day! I’m working on a project that I’ll be announcing here soon that I’m very excited about. And… my parents arrive tomorrow so I need to go fold some laundry and pick up the mess here in my studio.  Check back tomorrow I’ve got a super special Art Apple planned. Until […]

Day Sixty – Pattern Play

Wikipedia says that a pattern comes from the French word patron (I thought that was a tequila) and is a type or theme of recurring events or objects that repeat in a predictable manner. I’ve always been interested in creating patterns and have experimented with them in my art. I’ve been fascinated about the idea […]

Day Fifty three – Paisley no. 2

Day Eighteen (October 18th) was my first Paisley, but I did it in black & white and since then I’ve really wanted to do a companion piece in really bright colors.  The pattern is almost identical but there are slight differences since I don’t digitally color my work – I create it all the old […]

Day Twenty – Wallpaper mixed media

Great to be home! My cat Bittie couldn’t stay off my lap today – and Ella my sweet Border Collie/Aussie mix was attached to my side. I’m very excited to have my studio and plethora of supplies at hand. I have to share with you a couple of emails I got from my Dad tonight […]

Day Eighteen – Paisley

What a day.  Dad suggested I do an apple of paramecium.  Check out this site on these little creatures.  I thought it was a great idea (by the way – ideas welcome) but I thought maybe you might all prefer paisley. Traveling home tomorrow – I’ll be creating day nineteen on a plane. Until tomorrow. Jenna

Day Eleven – I’m puzzled

Day Eleven and hanging in there.  We all caught a bit of a bug – I think my brother Jason got the worst of it but my niece and nephew, Parker and Beckett seemed to weather the storm no problem.  Parker and I rolled out cookie dough and cut out shapes for close to two hours this […]

Day Six – Lines & Checks

I’m posting a bit early for today – on my way to Maine this afternoon. I’m running around furiously pulling together all the necessary art supplies I’ll need.  I’m glad I’m going for a nice long visit because I have to check a bag anyway and vials of ink, tubes of paint and sharp scissors […]