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Day 156 – Pastel No. 6

First Ever Twitter Chat for Spondylitis is tomorrow! I will be hosting and facilitating the twitter chat support group on Sundays at 2pm EST. We will be using the hashtag #Spondy to follow the conversation or join in. For more on how to get started with Twitter – I’ve added a page here – Twitter […]

Day 132 – The New Blue

Blue. Why does such a fan-tabulous color have to mean sad. I don’t so much care that the color and meaning are linked to Greek mythology and Zeus creating rain storms when he was melancholy or that a ship that lost its captain during a voyage flew a blue flag. I like the German’s approach […]

Day 117 – Pastel No. 4

This is the fourth in the series of Pastels.  I hope you enjoy it. Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 117 was created in chalk pastel. Pastel No. 1, Pastel No. 2, Pastel No. 3

Day Ninety two – Goodbye 2010…

Please have a safe and fun-filled New Year’s Eve! Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 92  was created with pastels and graphite on gray pastel paper. ****(Celebration – I’ve crossed the 1/4 way mark!)****

Day Seventy nine – Pastel No. 3

I love color – and I love pastels! By the end of the 365 days of apples, I’d like to use every color of pastel paper that I can find!  It’s so much fun to see how the color of the background comes through the image and I have so much fun doing the pastels […]

Day Thirty five – Red Pastel

As I progress with my days of apples I’m finding more and more wonderful information about Ankylosing Spondylitis and Arthritis but what has really surprised me is to find the amazing people sharing their stories. I’d like to share some of their sites: United Voices for AS Spondyville AS Mom RA Guy This Luscious RA […]

Day Twenty three – Green Pastel

I decided to make chicken soup, cauliflower soup, and chicken enchilada casserole – this afternoon!  I’ve pretty much figured out that if I’m going to work full time, have a life,  and create my apples then something has gotta give.  So I’ll need to prepare some food ahead. So, before starting on chopping onions and […]