Day Eighty – Metallic Mosaic Apple!

Metallics paints are glorious.

Shoot, metallic anything is glorious!  I have a hot pink metallic DKNY purse that I adore, a gold crocheted Banana Republic scarf that I will never stop wearing, and the Nordstrom suit I recently bought to wear to interviews – before I said ‘phooey’ to corporate America – has a metallic thread running through the fabric that gives it attitude!

I think one of the most liberating things for me in recent years (maybe it happens when you turn 40) is that I don’t care what the hottest fashion trend happens to be.  I’ve become comfortable wearing what works for me – I loved skinny jeans the last time they were in style – this time, not so much.  And the shoe thing…. heels are a terror for AS or RA ankles and my sensible shoes and Dr. Martens are just more me anyway although they just don’t work with that suit.

Until tomorrow.


Day 80 was created with Pearlescent Liquid Acrylics – it’s all sparkly and shiny in person 🙂