Day 202 – Magic Eight Ball

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred TwoRemember the Magic Eight Ball?

I had one and I would ask it the same question over and over again waiting for it to say “You May Rely On It” or “Signs Point to Yes” in response to “Does so and so like me?” or “Will I get an ‘A’ on my paper?”

The Magic Eight Ball refused to forecast my future in the way I wanted. It was so frustrating but I asked and shook over and over again.

My insecurities fed into the magic eight ball – what a brilliant product for the tweens who had no instant horoscope app for their smart phone.

If I had a Magic Eight Ball today I would ask it the same kinds of questions I asked all of those years ago. The desires just mean a bit more now and the difference today is that I know that as long as I work hard and keep my vision in my sights, I’ll get where I want to go.

Until tomorrow.


Day 202 was created in watercolor.