Day 174 – I Was Born This Way

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Seventy Four

I love Lady Gaga.

Now don’t get excited. You might hear Lady Gaga and think public displays of profanity and nudity and wonder how I could love someone so controversial. What I love is someone who is fearless in their insistence of being themselves. She is a true artist because she holds onto her vision and art at all costs.

I’m not asking you to love her too – that’s not my style. Love her if you see what I see. If you see something else – then make sure you’ve actually looked at the whole picture of Lady Gaga before jumping to the conclusion that she is simply a “freak.” I love people who push limits and lead.

Her newest song “I was born this way” strikes me for many reasons. She wrote it about her experiences in being bullied as a child and her difficulties in feeling different. In an interview on YouTube about the song, she talks about how she changed how she acted so that she might fit in better. I felt different as a kid and I feel different today but I was born exactly this way. Be who you are – even if it means bringing on the criticism of those who don’t understand.

Until tomorrow.


Day 174 was created in mixed media – throwin’ the paint out there … I can’t wait to show you all my true way to paint – I’m much more comfortable making art that is 5 feet square instead of 5″ square!