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Day 350 – My Mom’s Perspective

My mom has been with me everyday and at every step through each apple. She has cheered each high and she’s felt my lows probably more than I have. When she told me she was writing about her impressions of the last 10 years I felt a huge sense of relief. I cried when I […]

Day 345 – Life After Apples

A lot of you have asked me, “What comes next?” Great question! I hope the answers I have will lead to things just as great. Here are a few areas I have outlined. I hope you all continue to follow me as my journey switches focus a bit this fall and in the years ahead. […]

Day 343 – The Apple That Never Sleeps

This apple that seems to never sleep is so gosh darned excited to get to the city that never sleeps! I know I’ve been telling you all that information about the Apple-A-Thon is coming – and it is – but I’ve had a few details that have been harder to pull together than my insanely […]

Day 227 – Simple Sunday

It was a simple Sunday. Doug, Ella, and I drove downtown for the Arthritis Walk – photos will be on my Facebook wall tomorrow. Ella was treated like a queen with a pretty blue bandanna to show that dogs get arthritis too as well as treats and love. We managed to do the two mile […]

Day 225 – Follow The Dots

One, two, three… everything in order. Right? Most days I think I’m going along with my life just as I had laid it out in my mind as a young woman. I was brought up believing that if I followed the rules, colored in the lines, and took the steps in order that life would […]

Day 220 – A Flood of Emotion

Today has been emotionally difficult. I’ve run myself down a bit physically and pushed more than I probably should have for the last month. I wouldn’t change a thing and really, I’m fine, just very tired. So, I decided to sit down in my studio this afternoon and whip up an apple, get it posted, […]

Day 218 – Happy World AS Day!

  Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 218 was created in pen & ink and watercolor.

Day 126 – What Might Have Been

What might have been. I guess we all ask ourselves that question at different points in our lives. I have some regrets; don’t we all? I want you all to know that the last 4 months have made me extremely happy. Thank you for the support, encouragement and love. I just can’t wait for whatever the […]

Day 123 – Three Fortunes

I’ve become a member of a community of health advocate bloggers at WEGO Health. WEGO is a site for people like me, who are working to get information about living with health challenges and issues regarding access to care in our communities and to the general public. It also serves as a way to use […]

Day Seventy six – Bee Hive Apple

I am so excited to tell you about Henri & the Bee! A story by a 5th grader by the name of Katherine and her dad Jeff, about a a dog named Henri who dreams of travels across the country and through the seasons in search of a sweet treat. Helped by a friendly bee, […]