Day Twenty – Wallpaper mixed media

Great to be home!

My cat Bittie couldn’t stay off my lap today – and Ella my sweet Border Collie/Aussie mix was attached to my side.

I’m very excited to have my studio and plethora of supplies at hand.

I have to share with you a couple of emails I got from my Dad tonight – see below – perhaps we can all tell him he needs to blog here at The Feeding Edge!  He’d be great at posts on food and travels.  He’s an amazing poet too!

Email one, subject – Observations:  Driving through southeastern Wisconsin this afternoon, I tasted the finest apple in existance… I’m quite sure it was a Honey Crisp.  Magnificant!  Pure Mana from the gods.  The farm had the most incredible barn; perfectly round with a stone foundation up 6 or 8′ and a wood shingled roof.  I did a u-turn and went back to photograph it and wantered into the garage to view an assortment of 15 or so varieties of orchard fresh apples.  Three were recommended and I tried the Honey Crisp… lucky me!  the farm has been in the same family for an incredible 171 years.  Oops, they just served my salad.  Eat more apples!

Email two, subject Saga Continues:  So when the Ceasar arrived it was under dressed so I sent the poor bartender back to the kitchen.  More thick, heavy (this is Houlahans’s but dressing like Outback) dressing was a major improvement.  The salmon arrived dried up and I let the bartender insist on ordering another; much better the second time.  I should really wear a t-shirt denoting “warning’ I’m the most particular patron you’ve ever served.”  Bon Soir

Until tomorrow.


Day Ten – Fresh Flesh

It’s fall in New England and the local Maine MacIntosh apples are delicious and abundant.  Today Mom & Dad helped with my apple print.  We cut one in half in a way to make sure it was as “lopsided” as possible and then I coated the cut side with paint.  It took a few prints to find out the right amount of paint to use but I got a good one!  Then I took some beautiful copper, red, and bronze metallic paints and embellished.  The original is so pretty but the metallics don’t translate well to digital.

Until tomorrow.


Day Ten was created with metallic acrylic paint applied to a cut open apple and stamped onto the page.