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Day 178 – Oh The Glorious Apple!

  When people ask me “Why an apple as a symbol for AS Awareness?” my immediate thought is: Oh the Glorious Apple! All these gifts from just one seed, The apple, soul and body feed, Plant a seed and time will show, That from one seed a tree will grow. Oh the glorious apples.  – Bill […]

Day 123 – Three Fortunes

I’ve become a member of a community of health advocate bloggers at WEGO Health. WEGO is a site for people like me, who are working to get information about living with health challenges and issues regarding access to care in our communities and to the general public. It also serves as a way to use […]

Day 117 – Pastel No. 4

This is the fourth in the series of Pastels.  I hope you enjoy it. Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 117 was created in chalk pastel. Pastel No. 1, Pastel No. 2, Pastel No. 3

Day 116 – Tin Heart

Oh how I can relate to the tin man! One of my new Twitter buds has a slogan he uses and attributes to his Rheumatologist – “Motion is Lotion!” Keep active and those joints will stay happy. The tin man was stuck in one spot for years but let’s get moving, ‘Stand Tall’, and Move […]

Day 114 – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

What’s with the snow? We’ve been pretty lucky where I live to the southeast of Denver although the ski areas are having a record season.  I know that my friends from the east     are    so    over     it!   Every state has snow on the ground this year except Florida! […]

Day 113 – Self Portrait

This one was fun! I guess my hair isn’t quite this red currently and I have green eyes not blue.  I might also have few extra pounds right now (and my husband will say that I didn’t do justice to his favorite assets but, meh 🙂  Isn’t artistic license a glorious concept; I can make […]

Day 107 – Home Sweet Home

I’m glad to be home. I had a wonderful trip to see my family but I really missed my sweet husband and the beasties.  I got in just before midnight last night and finally turned the lights out and put my head on the pillow around 1:30 a.m.  Uugh – I was such a tired […]

Day 106 – Travel Day

Traveling back to Colorado today! I’ve had a wonderful time with Mom – it was quite a road trip.  We decided that we were a mother/daughter Thelma & Louise but without the illegal activity or bad ending and unfortunately we came across no hitchhikers who looked like Brad Pitt!  And my time with my brothers […]

Day 101 – Intro to Apple Art or Intro to AS

I love composing my post titles, but I’ve been sitting here for 3o minutes trying to come up with a clever post for my 101 day.  I do like “Intro to Apple Art” or “Intro to AS”.  I could pull a bunch of great information together to tell you more about AS and give you […]

Day Ninety nine – Tie Dye Peace Apple

Today’s apple is for my friend Alison! I flew to Florida yesterday to join my Mom and drive her car back to Maine.  We had a really nice afternoon sitting on the beach chatting and catching up but the wind has now picked up and it’s down right chilly!  And, the internet only works out […]