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Day 360 – We Feel It

“A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.” – Japanese Proverb Last week a great article was written in the Huffington Post by Daniel P. Malito who writes about Rheumatiod Arthritis in their health section as well as for Creaky Joints. His article explains in clear terms what happens in the […]

Day 304 – A Saturday Apple-A-Thon For A Sunday

I didn’t do a Saturday apple yesterday. So since I had a very long day I decided to do it today – but with a twist… This apple is representative of the apples I will be doing for the Apple-A-Thon. How many of these do you think I can paint in 24 hours? Closest guess […]

Day 301 – Eleven Things To Try When You Can’t Smile Away The Pain

A lovely woman – a new good friend – asked the question today about how to help with the pain when the meds have run out. That is something I would love to have the answer to because the pain of autoimmune arthritis can be excruciating and when you don’t have the means to get […]

Day 261 – Botanic Apple

I’ve thought of doing a Botanic Apple for some time. Hope you enjoy it – I loved remembering how much I love using prismacolor colored pencils – a technique I haven’t used much since college rendering classes. Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 261 was created in Prismacolor colored pencils.

Day 249 – Four Pairs of Arms!

Imagine how much we could get done with four pairs of arms! I wish I had had at least one extra set today. Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 249 was created in watercolor and gold metallic ink.

Day 227 – Simple Sunday

It was a simple Sunday. Doug, Ella, and I drove downtown for the Arthritis Walk – photos will be on my Facebook wall tomorrow. Ella was treated like a queen with a pretty blue bandanna to show that dogs get arthritis too as well as treats and love. We managed to do the two mile […]

Day 215 – A Peachey Apple

No, I didn’t spell that wrong. Kelby is a Peachey Planner. She is beautiful young woman who has an amazing story. I consider myself very lucky to call her my friend and I’m proud to be walking with her and her “Peachey’s Pack” for the Arthritis Foundation’s Denver walk on May 14th. Kelby and I […]

Day 211 – Hands Around The Globe

We are all clasping hands. Today was a great day for Ankylosing Spondylitis Awareness. Our project Hope & Apples is being featured in a collaboration with the Australian Physiotherapy Association seminar and webinar happening world wide on World AS Day May 7th! Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 211 was created in watercolor.    

Day 207 – One Story and One Apple at a time…

We are making progress everyday. One story and one apple at a time we will raise awareness of spondylitis. I wonder where the journey will take us – I’m just so thrilled that so many people are joining me and speaking up. Funny things happen when you talk about what you are passionate about. I […]

Day 204 – Easter Bunny Apple

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to design a few holiday apples. When I started Art Apple A Day it was October so I did about a week of Halloween apples; a haunted house with an apple trick or treater, a candy corn, a skeleton with the apple core as the center, and “‘one […]