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Day 262 – Sparkle and Shine

My Dad is one of the most remarkable people I know. You may think it’s strange of me to name a post about my Dad – “Sparkle and Shine” – but that is what he does. His goodness shines out of him, his smile sparkles and his laugh is contagious. My Dad makes friends of […]

Day 259 – What is Art?

Art is not a thing; it is a way. – Elbert Hubbard I’ve often pondered the question “what is art?” – as I’m sure most artists and critics do at some time. And although everyone seems to have an opinion – I see no consensus. Some days my art has meaning, some days it is […]

Day 131 – Let Love Rule

Give love. The last time I was so active with my art was the couple of years before I got sick. We were living in the bay area south of San Francisco and I was helping to run a small non-profit community art school. After years in sales it was refreshing and rewarding and I […]

Day 118 – Full Spectrum

Here I go again about color… Random Thought One:  Before I had any idea that I would study art at UMass, my parents bought a signed print of the full color spectrum of hearts by Jim Dine. I guess I was as intrigued by it as they were because I couldn’t stop looking at it. […]

Day Seventy six – Bee Hive Apple

I am so excited to tell you about Henri & the Bee! A story by a 5th grader by the name of Katherine and her dad Jeff, about a a dog named Henri who dreams of travels across the country and through the seasons in search of a sweet treat. Helped by a friendly bee, […]

Day Seventy five – Blue for Spondylitis

I’ve made it through 75 days today! I have to admit that I wouldn’t have made it this far without the encouragement and support of so many people.  As time goes on, I will be talking about how my support team and some new friends have kept me going.  I will fulfill my pledge and create my 365 days of apples and […]

Day Seventy one – Narnia Apple

I love the Chronicles of Narnia. I read a few of the books in the series as a kid and imagined myself climbing into the wardrobe and appearing in another land.   C.S. Lewis has an amazing ability to put you right there under that lamp post and I can’t wait to see the latest […]

Day Sixty two – Untangle me!

Christmas lights!  Love ’em – hate ’em – can’t live without them! We always put up a live tree.  Maybe someday I’ll give in to the convenience of an artificial one but it won’t be because of the sap that gets all over the house as you drag in the tree, or the needles that […]

Day Sixty one – Apple Chain

Since tomorrow starts off the Holiday season and I’ll be creating lots of Christmas and Holiday images, I decided to go with something that wasn’t red & green! One of the first years that Doug and I were together I strung together popcorn and cranberries for our tree and made paper chains.  We didn’t have […]

Day Fifty Nine – Which hue?

I love picking out paint colors.  There is something glorious about walking up to a wall of colors that exhilarates me – I get the same rush when I go to the art supply, fabric store, yarn shop or even Pottery Barn or Nordstom’s for that matter.  The possibilities abound and whether or not I’m […]