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Day 134 – Cobwebs and my Once Upon a Time

My mind has been full of cobwebs. Not the good kind of webs – not the kind that interconnect and tell a story, but the kind that fog up your thinking. It happens to me when I stretch out my infusion dates (an attempt to save money) and go from my usual and effective 5 […]

Day 133 – Bleeding Heart

Oh, my bleeding heart. Until tomorrow. Jenna Day 133 was created in watercolor.

Day 132 – The New Blue

Blue. Why does such a fan-tabulous color have to mean sad. I don’t so much care that the color and meaning are linked to Greek mythology and Zeus creating rain storms when he was melancholy or that a ship that lost its captain during a voyage flew a blue flag. I like the German’s approach […]

Day 131 – Let Love Rule

Give love. The last time I was so active with my art was the couple of years before I got sick. We were living in the bay area south of San Francisco and I was helping to run a small non-profit community art school. After years in sales it was refreshing and rewarding and I […]

Day 130 – A Bit of Bollywood

Bollywood Glitz and Glam. Over the top is fun and I’m finding strength and courage to bring out the Glitz and Glam in my life. Anything very shiny and very sparkley catches my eye. I’m a fish to its lure.  Which is why my newest obsession is a site called Pinterest (a combo word from […]

Day 129 – Year of the Apple

I know, I know. It’s the Year of the Rabbit. The Chinese New Year was celebrated all over the world today although the official start was a few days ago. The Year of the Rabbit promises to be a year of peace, love, and family. The Apple is the Chinese symbol for peace so in […]

Day 128 – Embrace – The Apple!

Hugs! I love a good hug so I hate to admit that at one point in time I was very tentative about getting a hug from someone new because I didn’t know their hugging “style” and some forms of a hug could be just plain painful to my inflamed joints.  There is almost always a […]

Day 127 – The Kiss

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Doug. I am so fortunate to have the amazing support of my family, but most of all I have a care giver who I can count on. I hate to say “caregiver” because that evokes images of someone who can’t manage for themselves – and I most certainly can. […]

Day 120 – Stand Tall

Stand Tall. These two simple words have great meaning for me. They’ve become a bit of a personal mantra as well as the slogan for the Spondylitis Association of America. They remind me to keep the notion close at hand that I need to stand up straighter and taller. This is important not just because […]

Day 112 – It’s Called Yellow

I’ve been dreaming of a yellow apple.  Yes, I dream of apples 🙂 The Coldplay song “Yellow” is one of my favorites.  Chris Martin, the lead vocalist for the band has explained of the song: “‘Yellow’ refers to the mood of the band. Brightness and hope and devotion.”  How and when did yellow become associated […]