Day 165 – Happy Apple Pi Day

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Sixty Five

Today is Pi Day!

March  14th is 3.14 so it is Pi Day and I decided that it should also be Apple Pi day! Enjoy 🙂

Until tomorrow.


Day 165 was created in Letraset Pantone Tria markers – if you love markers these are the daddy of markers. Three hundred colors available and each have three tips per marker! They have just come out with a new Pro Marker line that I’m dying to try.

Also – had a blast at the Art Supply store today – I’m going through paper like crazy and I bought 12 new Golden Fluid Acrylics colors – probably my favorite new discovery in paint in a long time. I’m finding that they are amazingly vivid and intense which I love but that I can use them almost like a watercolor – which I love even more. So, yes – I’m in love!