Day 151 – Zen Tangle

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Fifty One

I had never heard of a Zentangle.

Zentangle is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. The concept was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts as a form of meditation – a type of art that provides a sense of freedom and well-being!

Their motto is “Anything is possible – one stroke at a time.”  So I set to work on a Zentangle Apple. The approach and term were coined due to the almost meditative trance that happens when you create in a free form doodle type of manner and it was a perfect apple for me to create tonight because as you all know from yesterday’s post – I’m feeling a bit burnt out – lol!

Give it a try – art is therapy. It engages the mind so throughly that it can put distress and pain aside for a bit. The nice thing about art is that first and foremost it is for you – you never need to show a soul. Pick up a pen and piece of paper and doodle – I promise you – it will take you somewhere else. Even if the zen only happens for a little while – tangle yourself up in it and enjoy!

Until tomorrow.


Day 151 was created in india ink.


Day 119 – A Tweet Tart


I was terrified of Twitter – seriously frozen with terror. I also thought why the heck would anyone use that? Why would I care about the exact location of my friends unless there is some real need to know. The idea of getting a play by play of a yummy meal is a more appealing concept but I have yet to see a tweet mentioning a tantalizing taste only tantalizing tidbits! Like: “I fell in love, in love with you so suddenly.” (which google tells me are lyrics from the band Hellogoodbye and not something I would ever choose to listen to) or a link to a and this evening there was a debate over how long you should keep your “fat” pants. I’d like to know how long to hold on to the skinny pants myself but that’s beside the point.

I got over it and ventured in…  and now I don’t see myself getting tired of it, in fact I really love it. I love the pieces of information, connecting to people who have similar interests and issues, and some of the sheer silliness too! But what I have come to love most is becoming friends with a stranger in 140 characters or less. Who knows what I might tweet next – a tart tweet by a twitter tart 🙂 (really I can’t help myself.)

Until tomorrow.


Day 119 was created in graphite and watercolor – and a new shade of leaf green!

***New Guest Artist Apple – provocative “How Do You Like Them Apples” by Miriam Cassell***

Day Ninety one – Dare to Compare!

You just can’t compare them!

Tonight I was thinking about classic mis-communication.  It happened to me big time today on a project I’m working on for a web redesign for Coupon Evolution.  Since I happen to be related to the visionary behind the company, we thought we were talking the same language and had the same idea but at the end of the day…. seriously, about 15 minutes ago – we landed on the same page.  Now that this – fruit case – (hummm…. nut basket?) is all in order – I’m calling it a night before my brain explodes.

Until tomorrow.


Day 91 was done in watercolor.

Day Eighty nine – a weed is but an unloved flower…

A weed is but an unloved flower. – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I love to garden so this sentiment comes with a caveat…

A morning glory opening in bright purples, pinks, and coneflower blues to the morning sun is related to what we consider a big old pest here in Colorado – bind weed!  It wraps around and insinuates itself into your garden, binds and chokes your plants.  Just a tiny difference in it’s genetic code and this plant goes from the Victorian flower for loving someone in vain to an outlawed noxious weed!

Just a bit of attention and love can do amazing things but sometimes a weed is just that.

Until tomorrow.


Day 89 was created with pen & acrylic inks.

Day Eighty eight – All Heart and One Apple

I’m amazed by the wonderful people I’m meeting and their support and encouragement keeps me going.

This piece was inspired by them – their love surrounds me everyday and this week it is especially needed.  As most of you know, I get an I.V. infusion of a biologic medication called Remicade to help control my Ankylosing Spondylitis.  My usual schedule is every 5 weeks but due to my insurance changing in October, I’ve needed to stretch my last two infusions out to 6 weeks last time and it will be 7 weeks next Monday by the time I get my next dose so I’m struggling a bit this week.  It always amazes me that the pain just rears its ugly head when the Remicade starts wearing off.

At heart (no pun intended) I’m a romantic, an idealist, and a hopeless optimist.  I’d like to think that with continued awareness of AS, folks will be more open and less judgmental of people dealing with disabilities and chronic pain.  We just do the best we can everyday – it may just be a bit less then most – but our hearts are open to possibilities and – apparently – Apples!

Until tomorrow.


Day 88 was created with watercolor.  Click on the image for a larger view – 399 Hearts and…. an Apple!

Day Seventy eight – Pop goes the Apple!

My favorite Christmas show is Rudolf the Red Nosed Raindeer – and it’s because of the land of misfit toys and Charlie-in-the-Box was the misfit in chief.

Growing up I always felt like I didn’t fit in.  I was too tall, too skinny (then not now – lol), the new girl (constantly the new girl), sports were riddled with injuries, and the list to me went on and on.  And then in my mid-twenties I met a great group of friends and we were inseparable until we all started getting married and I became sick.  After living in California for a couple years we moved back to Colorado – I was not the same life of the party person they expected – again the misfit.  This was right before I was diagnosed and I was distraught about what was happening.  I thought I was going crazy – what was happening to me?  Those friends didn’t stand by me so I haven’t spoken with any of them for over 6 years because it was earth shattering at the time to have them doubt me right when I needed their support the most.  There wasn’t as much information available then so I didn’t have a Facebook page or blog to point them to and say “SEE!”

For anyone in their 20’s (this is making me tear up) just starting to deal with a diagnosis of AS – here is what I need you to know:  You are not alone, you are not crazy – the pain is real and there is a reason for it that is not your fault.  There are people in many places out here who will stand by you and help you get to a better place with the disease.  It will get better – maybe not because of a remission or a cure – but it will get better because you will find ways to incrementally deal with it and accept it.  It will get better and believe it or not, you will become a stronger, more empathetic, and loving person.  And…. AS teaches you to fight and persevere.  Without the experience of dealing with this disease I would never have had the courage to attempt my journey to create 365 daily art apples.  For that I am truly grateful – and feeling a little bit less like Charlie-in-the-Box.

Until tomorrow.


Day Seventy eight was created with pen, ink, watercolor and a touch of acrylic ink.

Day Seventy six – Bee Hive Apple

I am so excited to tell you about Henri & the Bee!

A story by a 5th grader by the name of Katherine and her dad Jeff, about a a dog named Henri who dreams of travels across the country and through the seasons in search of a sweet treat. Helped by a friendly bee, Henri savors life’s moments.  This charming story is illustrated with lovely, vivid designs and is available as a book or calendar and the proceeds will be donated to various non-profit organizations.  One of the featured charities is the Spondylitis Association of America!  Please take a look – it’s a great way to support the SAA.  I’m thrilled to have been able to introduce Jeff Lea, the CEO of Rev Pay Solutions, to the folks at the SAA and he was kind enough to include Art Apple A Day on their blogroll as well!

Until tomorrow.


Day 76 was created with pen & ink and watercolor.

Day Seventy one – Narnia Apple

I love the Chronicles of Narnia.

I read a few of the books in the series as a kid and imagined myself climbing into the wardrobe and appearing in another land.   C.S. Lewis has an amazing ability to put you right there under that lamp post and I can’t wait to see the latest Narnia movie that comes out today to escape into another world – at least for a few hours.   For me the book is always better but with fantasy and science fiction stories and the amazing computer generated graphics and effects, a trip into the film makers view is worth a visit to the theater – almost always and I don’t think that The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will disappoint.

Until tomorrow.


Day 71 was created with metallic liquid acrylics – oh and a toothbrush to splatter the snow 🙂

Day Fifty Nine – Which hue?

I love picking out paint colors.  There is something glorious about walking up to a wall of colors that exhilarates me – I get the same rush when I go to the art supply, fabric store, yarn shop or even Pottery Barn or Nordstom’s for that matter.  The possibilities abound and whether or not I’m choosing colors with a purpose or wild abandon – I love a well combined pallet!

For a few years at the beginning of dealing with my AS, I was on a lot of medications for the pain and I just couldn’t see the colors or maybe I didn’t care – dealing with chronic pain takes simple joys out of life in so many ways.  I’m not sure how to explain that but I didn’t get the thrill from my art that I get now that I’m on the Remicade and feeling relatively well.  The disease had me in it’s grip and the initial medications didn’t allow me to be me – that big piece of who I am.  I am so grateful for Remicade and how much of my life I have back since starting on it.  There are many people dealing with AS who are either afraid to start a biologic medication for fear of the possible consequences or they aren’t able to access them due to insurance reasons.   This is a big problem and people need to know that life is better for so many on these types of medications and we need to help figure out a way to give people more access to this care.

Until tomorrow.


Day 59 is a collage made with paint chips.

Day Fifty seven – Tis the Season!

Today is the biggest shopping day of the year!  I’m not big on waiting in lines and fighting crowds so I stayed home today but I love the Holidays.  I love the decorations, the lights, the parties and the food.  I love to wrap up the presents and change out the colors I use each year – it’s always a struggle to decide on white or colored lights for the christmas tree.  I think I’m going with white this year and a big, huge tree!  I can’t wait to create all the Holiday and Christmas themed Art Apples – stay tuned!

Until tomorrow.


Day 57 was created with Tria Prismacolor Letraset markers and pen & ink on Bristol paper.