Day 150 – Lights, Camera… Action!

Art Apple - Day One Hundred Fifty

I finally watched the movie “Julie and Julia” last night!

I now know why people wanted me to see it. The similarities in our stories had me taking notes – I loved her description of why on earth she would take on such a task!

She too started a 365 day journey. Her self imposed task was to cook all 524 recipes from the Julia Child book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” within a year and write about it on her blog.  I was so inspired that this afternoon I went out to buy the book. I really just need to know more of Julie Powell’s story.

Do you think she had her doubts and days she wanted to just throw it all in? What kept her going on day 8 or – day 150 –  when her fifth aspic was a flop? And, how did she find the strength to cook and make a crazy Julia Child type mess of her kitchen night after night?

I know why I don’t stop – I have a community of people I cannot let down – they are what keep me going along with the fact that personally I refuse to fail. Some nights, like tonight, are extremely difficult. I have a discussion with the devil who sits on my shoulder telling me how nice it would be to forget the whole thing and vanish back into the oblivion of a normal life. Some nights, like tonight, that little devil looks like an angel with a way out – a way to stop the whirl and insecurity and allow me to go crawl in bed and  sleep for 14 hours and wake up without the weight of another six months of apples left to go!

I didn’t quite anticipate the highs and lows of this. The level of self doubt contrasted next to sheer bliss of a personal message from someone who I’ve touched with this in some way are amazing yet difficult because of the extremes and emotions. I know that the lights, camera, and action… are just the picture perfect stories and glamor found in Hollywood.  I’m hoping to find a bit more of myself in Julie’s book – the movies make everything look so easy!

Until tomorrow.


Day 150 was created in honor of The 83rd Academy Awards in ink and watercolor.