Day Two – Watercolor

Yea!  It’s day two and I got the watercolors out and dusted off.

I love my watercolors and the pallet I use when I paint with them.  I had a wonderful teacher in college who I learned so much from and she showed me how to set up a watercolor pallet.  You squeeze out the paints into the little wells and just leave theme there.  I thought it was so strange at the time – “won’t they dry up” I thought.  Duh.  The water revives them just like the crayola ones we get in kindergarten.  Paint has always seemed so precious to me (I’m trying to get over it) so I had a difficult time with the concept but it works and I love watching the color come to life when I add water after a long time away.

My plan this morning was to do a sort of old school watercolor apple, which is always the first thing you paint in watercolor 101.  And the plan was to get it done early and do some sketches and ideas for the coming week.  Well… my Saturday got away from me.  I’ve got the house to myself this weekend (miss you sweetie) and I puttered away.  And in terms of the old school look – that didn’t work out so well – not much old school left in me I guess.  Maybe one of these days!  But – what came out was fun, colorful and I loved every second of painting it.  Hope you like it too!


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  1. Love the saturation of color and wet-on-wet. You have a freedom of color that I aspire to. Much love, and keep it up!

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