Day Thirty seven – hoo – Who?

Not sure if this is an Owl-ized apple or an Apple-ized owl?

And… I’m just having too much fun.  Do you all think this counts as an Art Apple?  With 328 apples still to go I’ll need to take some liberties so I might as well start now!  Hoo doesn’t love owls anyway?

There was a big cottonwood tree near our previous house on Sand Creek that was home to a big family of great horned owls.  We loved watching them from the deck at dusk.  Their drop from a tall branch and the swoop down low to the ground was amazing to watch and many nights we’d be laying in bed and hear the lovely and somehow lonely call of the hoo – hoo.  Don’t you think it is almost more than onomatopoeia  – the call sounds like the word and there is the question in the call – who’s out there?  Here I am.  Sort of like what I’m doing here with my blog.  Who is out there?

Until tomorrow.


Day 37 was created with black ink and a bit of color.

Shout out – My friend Stacey’s daughter, Layne turned 9 today.  Happy Birthday to you!

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