Day Thirty one – Apple o’ Lantern


Art Apple - Day Thirty one
Art Apple - Day Thirty one


Happy Halloween!

We picked the last of the Pumpkins from the garden today and will have them lining the walkway for any possible trick or treaters that might stop by.  We also had a massive beet that got lost in the garden jumble – it had to have been six inches across.  I roasted that baby this afternoon so we’ll see if it remained sweet.  We also uprooted the rest of the potatoes, turnip, and a couple more acorn squash.  Gardening is difficult on my body with AS but it keeps me stretching, bending, and working my muscles plus I love to see things grow!  And – I couldn’t do it without Doug.  Thank goodness he loves it too! (Watch, he’ll post a comment and say he’s forced into it) LOL!

Until tomorrow.


Day 31 was painted with acrylics on paper

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