Day Ten – Fresh Flesh

It’s fall in New England and the local Maine MacIntosh apples are delicious and abundant.  Today Mom & Dad helped with my apple print.  We cut one in half in a way to make sure it was as “lopsided” as possible and then I coated the cut side with paint.  It took a few prints to find out the right amount of paint to use but I got a good one!  Then I took some beautiful copper, red, and bronze metallic paints and embellished.  The original is so pretty but the metallics don’t translate well to digital.

Until tomorrow.


Day Ten was created with metallic acrylic paint applied to a cut open apple and stamped onto the page.

2 Replies to “Day Ten – Fresh Flesh”

  1. kinda reminds me of the “spiced apples” we got in school lunches. And that’s not a bad thing. I liked those spiced apples!

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