Day Sixty six – Patchwork

I love how this Apple turned out!

Funny how artists can be so self critical.  I see every place the line didn’t go precisely where I wanted it.  I visualize the color I’d like the piece to be and when it is not quite right – I can usually fix it because works tend to be “in process” until we’re satisfied.  But… I would never post my apple if I tinkered with it forever and made it ‘perfect’.  This is like going back to art school – make, make, create and experiment; make, make, experiment and create some more.  It’s so easy to get stuck in a method or genre just like it’s easy for me to get stuck in beliefs about my life with AS.  If you’ve done things the same way long enough how do you listen to the voice telling you that you need to change?

I’m thrilled to be pushing myself to be a working artist – something that has eluded me for almost 20 years.  I’d love your support to help keep me on my journey.  Please visit my two webstores – a portion of the proceeds will go to AS research for a cure.  You can find prints here and what I call gear here.  Or go to the Shop tab at the top of this page.

Until tomorrow.


Day 66 was created with graphite, watercolor, and acrylic.

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