Day Sixty seven – Green Apple Wedge

I’m amazed by the the Christmas lights.

We live out in the country about 30 miles south-east of Denver.  We have a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains but there is a ridge to the west of us that blocks the suburbs and downtown that also happens to be a very large cattle ranch.  Most of the year I’m thrilled to have the light noise blocked so that on a clear night we can see the Milky Way but at Christmas time I sometimes wonder what we’d see if we were either a bit higher in elevation (we’re at close to 6200 feet) I think it’s so amazing that we’re 1000 feet above the Mile High City and we can’t see it from here!

I will give it to my neighbors however, one has lights strung their entire 6 acre fence line, next door they spent the last two days perfecting the icicles along their roof line.  Across the way they had a big snowglobe scene timed to music last year and we’re anxiously awaiting the encore!  We can’t really compete with all of that – Doug and I made big red and white candy canes up the 15′ tall posts at the end of the drive by the gate this year and put some white lights on the mini-pine by the front door.  There is definitely some keeping up with the Joneses going on here this year but we aren’t even in the running for best of show.

Until tomorrow.


Day 67 is a mixed media piece with watercolor, liquid acrylic (my current favorite), india ink, a Rembrandt polycolor pencil in “apple green!”

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