Day Sixty – Pattern Play

Wikipedia says that a pattern comes from the French word patron (I thought that was a tequila) and is a type or theme of recurring events or objects that repeat in a predictable manner. I’ve always been interested in creating patterns and have experimented with them in my art. I’ve been fascinated about the idea of creating patterns that are at once predictable (which is necessary) and spontaneous (which goes against the rules.)  I’ve written before about my love of the hand drawn line and my need to create art that isn’t digital – I don’t think much in life repeats in a “predictable manner” which is why I love working on this concept.

I had the idea to create an apple pattern today and it took some time to work out – how big would the apples be, how would I create the repeat (there are so many ways!) and then I saw it – the way the stem and leaf could touch and make almost a pinwheel or cross in the negative space – I guess I might have seen it sooner if I had just been using photoshop but where is the life in that – the “predictable manner” to me anyway loses some of the spark of life.  I’ll go with spontaneity or chaos – suits me better.

Until tomorrow.


Day 60 was created with watercolor is a wet on wet technique that is of course very unpredictable 🙂

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