Day Seventy two – Apple weave

When my parents arrive in Colorado from Maine, we have a food fest!

My Dad may love food as much as I do but he has that metabolism that allows him to eat whatever he wants and as much of it as he wants.  Life in this regard is so unfair.  So when they visit, we cook and graze on various treats that I collect just for the few days they are here and I’m always looking for new and interesting flavors and recipes.  Today we had sweet pickled jalapenos and cooked a chili with big chunks of beef and bittersweet chocolate.  Yummmm!  Interesting combinations of flavors are an art form – one that I love to dabble in but have no idea how to perfect.  I greatly admire people who have the skill to weave ingredients together in amazing ways.

Until tomorrow.


Day 72 was created with watercolored paper woven together.

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  1. Love the subtle image of the apple in the texture of the weave; your kitchen creations are less subtle. For those not in the kitchen last evening, the crock pot couldn’t hold it all and had to transfer to the largest pot in the cupboard. If a little is good, a lot must be better; oh sure, throw in a few more cloves of garlic. I think the apple lady cooks with Pomme de “Flair”! Great flavors, reminiscent of Cincinnati Chili.

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