Day Seventy seven – Wrapping Paper Collage Apple

Care packages to Maine and Maryland are in the mail!

We have a tradition in our family to write clues about the present on the gift tag – we may ask for one or two specific gifts but additional small presents are a surprise and the clues make for great fun when opening the big boxes that arrive a few days before Christmas.  Growing up my brothers and I looked forward to the box from my Dad’s mother.  We called her Gammy (no ‘r’) and she was queen of the clue.  My parents have done a spectacular job carrying on the tradition and now generation number four is getting into the swing of it! My step-daughter Amanda, has the bug and the gift clue tradition continues – there is some of the Dye side of the family in her regardless of genes!

I’ve loved seeing all the new visitors today – welcome and please stop by as often as you can – one apple a day for AS!

Until tomorrow.


Day 77 was created with scraps of wrapping paper and a few small pieces from Country Living Magazine 🙂

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