Day Fourteen – A is for Apple

I started a Pollock-esque apple tonight but the paint wouldn’t dry so I had to go plan B!

I love this simple, clean image.  A big storm seems to be headed towards New England… Vinalhaven may need to wait for me until Saturday and then home to Colorado early next week.  I can’t wait to be home with my sweetie, my four legged friends, and all the art supplies in my studio!

Until tomorrow.


One Reply to “Day Fourteen – A is for Apple”

  1. Awww this is my apple!!! Beautiful!!!
    Plain, clean but very powerful!!! … I love the combination of colors, pink with white!!! …
    I eat apples every day, I know that apples have many good components for our health, but I love the taste of apples. I buy many different kind of apples when I go to the grocery store.
    You are so amazing Jenna!!!

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