Day Forty three – Don’t cage me in…

I’m a bit of a free spirit – my Mom is laughing now – she would never have qualified that statement with the adjective “bit”!

I started thinking about this last year.  Last December I went back to corporate America.  I loved it – I did.  I loved the people I worked with, I loved the product I was selling, and I loved being part of something.  But – isn’t there always a but – I felt caged in.  Not able to make anything happen in the bureaucracy – it drove me insane.  One of my favorite quotes is from Sir Joshua Reynolds – “genius begins where rules end.”  Sometimes you need to open the door and see where you might go.

Until tomorrow.


Day 43 was created in pen & ink.

Site update:  I figured out the email system.  For my email subscribers – sorry for the delay in getting your daily email Apple when I moved my site over but I worked it out (still learning how to make all of this work)

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