Day Forty Six – Post it – Art Apple A Day!

I need my post it notes!  What did we do before we had these simple little pieces of paper?

Blackberries, Androids, iPhones – phaaa.  They are wonderful and I am addicted to my Droid but paper and pen will never… ever… go away.  Please no.  You cannot replace what you can touch and feel with bits and bytes.  The way the hand creates a line isn’t about algorithms or vectors or hex codes.

I saw a post today that showed their list of outdated art supplies, many of which I use everyday.  I could make all my art in Photoshop but where is the human-ness and spontaneity in that?   I’m staying with pen and paper and – post it’s!!!

Until tomorrow.


Day 46 was created with pen & ink!

2 Replies to “Day Forty Six – Post it – Art Apple A Day!”

  1. I totally agree!! I scrapbook, and digital scrapbooking just can’t beat the allure of rifling through paper and touching the thing that you’re creating!

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