Day Forty one – Green Still Life

I could not decide what to create today.  So I procrastinated, and kept procrastinating.  Which led me to quite a bit of time late tonight watching paint dry – really very exciting.

Isn’t it easier to put things off – at least while you’re putting them off – lol.  I’d love to find the time to clean out my closets, organize my files better, learn to knit (well, I can sort of knit) and the list goes on and on.  There are so many things that need to get done today to justify putting all of those “some day things” off until another time.  Before I was diagnosed with AS, I felt like Scarlett O’Hara many days with her famous quote “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”  At least I can think about things today but now choose to put them off until tomorrow.  What is it you’d like to stop putting off until another day?

Until tomorrow.


Site Update – I have most everything moved over to my official new WordPress host but I haven’t figured out how to automatically send my posts to my email subscribers.  Hang in there – you’ll start getting emails again soon but until then you can use the RSS feed if you’d like.  And if there is anyone out there in the blog world who knows what I need to do – I’d love to get an email with the solution.

Day 41 was created with acrylic paints on canvas paper.

6 Replies to “Day Forty one – Green Still Life”

  1. Love the texture on today’s apple; I’ll add more comment when I get around to it…later. Could procrastination be a genetic flaw???? I may ponder that later as well.

    1. Susan! Hello… thank you for checking out my apples and leaving a comment. I’m still working out the kinks on my site but I’m loving pushing myself to create everyday. Maybe I could persuade you to do a guest artist apple??? – Jenna

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