Day Forty four – Let the paint go!

A box arrived in the mail today.

I was expecting it and I knew for the most part what was in it since my Mom had asked me during my visit a few weeks back if I’d like a couple of things from her collection.  I was still excited to open it up and unwrap the goodies:  a milk glass pitcher that was my Nana’s, a small pottery vase that I think I’ll use for my paintbrushes, a cranberry fleece hand-me-down as well as some very utilitarian items that I can only find in Maine – very exciting stuff – a salad dressing I love and a specific type of chore boy scrubbers for doing the dishes (4 boxes)!  All of these simple, wonderful things connect me to my Mom and Dad who live so far away.  We checked – it’s 2148.67 miles to my parents  house from here in Colorado according to Yahoo maps!    Living so far away is difficult.  My parents are my dear friends, two of my three biggest supporters and just amazing people.  Truly good, honest, hard working lovely people.  A box full of things from them, from home, makes them close.  For now anyway.

Until tomorrow.


Day 44 was created with gouache on watercolor paper using a wet on wet technique.

3 Replies to “Day Forty four – Let the paint go!”

  1. A beautiful, bright, cheerful, crisp apple! I can taste it. Thank you for your lovely thoughts. You are too far away in miles, but very wonderfully close in all other ways. XOXOXO

  2. Beautiful apple!!! I love the color, very bright!!
    Congratulations for having a lovely family that they given you a lot of support, love and understanding. You are very lucky. You are a beautiful person!!
    I don’t have any relation with my family, is sad because I never have had love, support and understanding of them. But I’m very lucky to have a wonderful husband, he is all in my life. I’m always very thankful for having him in my life..

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