Day Eighty four – Art Apple Christmas Tree

My friend Elizabeth had this idea for me way back on October 24th – I couldn’t get all of her ideas on the Christmas tree because of my self imposed rule about the size of all my Art Apple pieces but I loved her idea so much and I’ve been so excited to make this one!

I’ve included some of my favorite December Art Apples, art supplies as well as the dove from the SAA holiday card and a star made of paintbrushes!

Until tomorrow.


Day 84 is mixed media.

2 Replies to “Day Eighty four – Art Apple Christmas Tree”

  1. Such a beautifully decorated tree. I’m so glad my daughter-in-law Naomi directed me to your blog. Keep warm and I hope Christmas brings you much joy. Very best wishes for 2011. Looking forward to more great art.

    1. Betty, Thank you so much! Naomi and I have emailed a few times (we have a lot in common) and I’m so glad she shared my blog with you. It is a thrill for me to have the two of you check in all the way from Australia! Best wishes to you, Naomi, and all of your friends and family as well – I’m thinking 2011 will be a great year. Jenna

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