Day Eight three – He’s loaded all the Toys and Apples….

Santa has his goodies on his Sleigh!

We adopted a family with the Volunteers of America this year.  Four friends and I bought for a family of five – it was really a wonderful experience for us to come together and Stacey coordinated the whole thing and who would get what gift.  I drove them in to the facility in downtown Denver to drop them off.  I just wish I could see the little boys rip off the paper to see the remote control airplane or the 2yr old  girl put the baby doll in the stroller.  I know that the idea is to help the families provide for their kids and not feel like they’ve received charity (a very good thing) but my favorite part of giving is watching the reaction of someone seeing a gift that you’ve given. I haven’t been blessed with motherhood – well traditional motherhood anyway (I have a beautiful, amazing, and grown up step-daughter Amanda) but giving birth unfortunately wasn’t an experience that will be a part of my life.  A part of my AS story but not a story for today.

I’m a bit sad this Christmas because my whole family (the New England side) will be together – well, except for Doug and me.  I had a tough day today thinking about not being with them.  Thank goodness for Skype!

Until tomorrow.


Day 83 was made with pen & ink and watercolor.

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