Day 364 – One More Apple

One day to go.

I can’t believe it. Only one apple left after tonight. It’s been a crazy few days and to be honest – I’m feeling exhausted. Between the event preparations of this last month, the travel and jet lag, and the early morning today to get ready for being at KPIX at 7:00 am has been a bit much. When you have AS, you prepare and plan. How long can I do something, how long can I stand, sit, or walk. We think of contingencies and then prepare for the worst and hope for the best. But what happens is that sometimes we go to New York city and spend the day in the hotel room.

I expected this would be the schedule but I hoped for boundless and endless energy! Oh well – I know I’ll make it through the Apple-A-Thon. Resting today was just a little bit of added insurance. My family and friends will be with me – holding me up and cheering me on. I love you all so much for doing this with me, for taking your time and your energies and sharing them with me, for my dreams. I love you all so very much.

Until tomorrow.


Day 364 was created in acrylics and graphite.

***For any of you who haven’t seen the interview yet – here’s the link! Make sure to take a look at the great article the station did for us below the video!

***When we got to the station – two things happened that I thought I’d share. First, the producer said “wow, we wish you could paint an apple while you talk” – can you imagine! I’d love to paint an apple on t.v. but no one would have heard a word I said about AS. Maybe if I’ve got 10 minutes on a show and not 2! How bout next time??? Second thing was that they said all of my apples were too small (I thought we’d gone over that!) and did I have something bigger? Quick call to my Dad back at the hotel and he jumped in a cab and brought over the Apple-A-Thon Poster which ended up being perfect – and Dad got to see the inner workings of the t.v. station too! All in all, it all worked out and it was a great experience. Hopefully a little bit of knowledge and awareness about AS was spread today!

***Here’s a photo of me resting with my niece Parker and nephew Beckett. Parker picked out this beautiful magnet for me today – it’s an apple and I adore it!

***My thoughts today with my friend Amanda and her daughter Alexandra.

7 Replies to “Day 364 – One More Apple”

  1. Great interview, Jenna! Can’t wait to be in NYC tomorrow with you at the Apple-a-Thon!

    Having A.S., I’ve been concerned all month about having the stamina to get through the trip to NYC and the exciting time there. I don’t wanna be a bump on a log. :S No need to worry any longer since tomorrow is nearly here!

    See ya soon, macaroon! <3

  2. You did an awesome job today! Yes…wouldn’t it be nice to get more than like 3 minutes…I was even thinking before your spot that these guys are making me feel like I’m on a runaway freight train they’re racing through everything so fast…but then again it WAS “National Coffee” day and those guys were zooming….lol They were comical and YOOU DID GREAT! AND the message DID get out there.
    We’ll see you tomorrow!

  3. Thanks for all the apples. Hoping everyone has a fun easy day in the Big Apple – sad to see the year come to an end, but grateful for every picture and story, from every artist

  4. I can’t imagine how surreal it must feel to be so close!! ONE MORE APPLE! I hope you know that, even if you hadn’t completed an apple a day for some reason, you would still be a hero. I hope you’re feeling well and getting excited for the Apple-a-Thon. Again, I wish I could be there more than you know. Sending you nothing but love, energy, and gratitude!!!! GO JENNA!

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