Day 337 – “My, What Big Pies You Have!”

Yes, it is again Fairy Tale Friday!

It was time for a bit of levity and as I was brainstorming fairy tales possibilities, this idea came to mind.

And… well –  I just had to.

Of course – they are apple pies. And, look closely – Little Red Riding Hood has some apples in her basket.

Until tomorrow.


Day 337 was created in pen & ink and watercolor with a touch of Red Tria Pantone Letraset marker – difficult to get red watercolor that vibrant.

9 Replies to “Day 337 – “My, What Big Pies You Have!””

  1. My first reaction upon seeing your wonderful illustration was a huge grin and then out came “Pie Ay Ay Ay Ay”. Love the detail all the way down to the buckle shoes. Seems like you’re not running out of ideas, just keep coming up with better ones all the time.

    1. the cupcakes with the swirled icing, and the pan of eclairs with the sign. Great detail, with out looking “detailed.” Very nice!

  2. I had fun with this one – I’d love to illustrate some books Betty! I’m a conundrum when it comes to my art. I either like doing great detail or big abstract paintings. Not a lot of in between until this year. I think that since I love creating in so many ways that I don’t have a set style that makes it easy to market what I do. I have always thought that if I developed a signature style that I wouldn’t be happy staying in that zone so – another reason the apples have been so personally fulfilling for me.

    And, unfortunately for all of these years, art has never been something I have wanted to do for a living. I think that adding the art with the blog and talking about AS has added a dimension to my work that fulfills me for the first time. Creating art just to create art was never enough some how.

    Love to you all!

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