Day 336 – Wild Things

Creativity takes courage. – Henri Matisse

I can’t do it.

I weighed all of the options, listened to all of your comments, support, and opinions (which were so wonderful!) and in the end, I’ve decided to keep with the rules I placed on this endeavor all of those days ago.

Perhaps this means I’m not as courageous as I thought. But… in the end, I’ve decided to listen to the same counsel that got me past day eight when I almost quit before I had really even begun. That night, my husband Doug and my friend Elizabeth were there for me; they didn’t let me quit.

I received an email from Elizabeth this morning and she said

If you are good with it, and it can make you be freer with the process, than go for it and enjoy yourself in the doing.  But if at the end of the month you start dissing yourself because you didn’t do what you said, and you are disappointed in you, then stay with the 5×5.

I read Elizabeth’s email to Doug we discussed the fact that if I don’t change the rules I won’t regret it because I will have completed exactly what I set out to do but if I do change the rules, it is possible that I will be disappointed. Which got me thinking about about regret and regret stinks. So, although I would adore to break out and go crazy and play and “break all of the rules” and go to the place my imagination would like to go – to go where the wild things are, I will instead turn towards home – to what I know, to a place of safety. I do think creativity takes courage – courage to break from convention, to explore but I do not want to regret my decision  and hopefully I will create courageously even if I’m taking a step that seems a bit less so.

AND… as Sabrina mentioned, I can break out at the same time I keep to the rules. So, look out for some extra apples this month!

Until tomorrow.


Day 336 was created in pen & ink and watercolor. Inspired by the children’s book, Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

5 Replies to “Day 336 – Wild Things”

  1. Good decision. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do artistically when your year is over.

    I love the Where the Wild Things are apple. I knew that’s what it was inspired by at first glance. That was my husband’s favorite childhood book.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! It was so difficult to decide – uugh!

      I loved doing this piece but I find that in doing some of the tribute apples that the idea is the creativity and the execution is simply applying someone else’s vision to the page. I love this for the idea of it but I was executing the style of someone else. Fun but not quite as fulfilling. As a group of apples – I love having the pop culture/tribute pieces included for sure!

  2. I think you made the right decision…and for the right reasons. Regret is not what you want to be feeling at the end of this endeavor.

    …and yes this is yet another great apple. You captured the illustration style of Maurice Sendak beautifully.

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