Day 333 – Comfort And Safety

Art Apple - Day Three Hundred Thirty ThreeWhat gives you comfort?

Is it home? Food? Maybe it’s the sound of the ocean.

I find comfort in all of these things but for physical comfort I have a few items of clothing that will never be seen past the doors of my home. YES – they are that dreadful! I have a cardigan sweater that my Mom gave me – she didn’t like it… and thought I might be able to get some wear out of it. It is sinfully ugly. I have no idea what she was thinking but, it gives me comfort. Mostly because it came from my Mom so it is like being wrapped in her – talk about comfort. For me comfort equals my Mom. Because of this, it has become a safety sweater of sorts. I know I’m way too old for these things at 42 but honestly I don’t care one little bit. In fact, I’ll tell you more…

When I started having so much trouble with AS, a few years before my diagnosis actually, my ribcage stopped being able to handle sleeping on my side. The stiffness would build up as I slept and when I moved I would come brutally (truly) awake by the pain of moving. It was insanely intense so I had to learn to sleep on my back propped up with pillows. I did this for a very long time to help alleviate this issue a bit. But AS didn’t want me to ignore her so she took up in my ankles and did the same thing. Sleeping on my side – I got it in my sternum, sleeping on my back – my ankles. It was truly unbelievable.

But, I’ve digressed. The reason I brought up the side sleeping issue is that I’ve found even now with so much relief from my meds that it really helps to support my body in any position I sleep in. I use pillows under my knees and I sleep with a soft fluffy object that I cling to my chest. A brown bear shaped fluffy object. It really could have been something much more my station and age but it was given to me one year by my sweet hubby for Valentine’s Day and – it works. When I go on vacation a pillow takes the place but not well because that safety & comfort feeling isn’t there.

Comfort comes in so many shapes and forms. Some aren’t good for us but mostly they are!

What do you find comfort with?

Until tomorrow.


Day 333 was created with a scan of a summer dress I have. That’s being kind, it’s actually more like a muumuu. An Old Navy kind of muumuu but not flattering at all but I love it because – it gives me comfort. I scanned the fabric and used two different tones of the scan that I printed out and pieced together. I then painted the color in – the original dress fabric is very purple. Once I added some gold dots with a gold gel pen, I then stitched around the edges in a hot pink thread – a nod to the fact that the piece was inspired by my muumuu fabric!

5 Replies to “Day 333 – Comfort And Safety”

  1. The good bear is the bumble bee bear – a story for another time. This bear was free. I got it when I bought Jenna some diamond earrings for Valentine’s Day (the perfect Valentine’s gift – NOT!) She didn’t like the earrings. So I returned them, but the bear that came with purchase they said “go ahead and keep it.” Free bear. Who knew it would still be useful years later?

    P.S. I still haven’t bought her diamond earrings.

    1. Oh my goodness…
      Well, what Doug says it true. I’m a bit more of a pearls kind of gal and Doug gave me pearl earrings and necklace as a wedding gift not to mention the beautiful wedding ring that I have. I’m a little unconventional when it comes to jewelry – I have one ring (a gorgeous one) – why would I need two??? And, for diamond earrings, maybe some day but I asked him to return them because I thought we didn’t need to spend the money on them. In hind sight – never, ever, ask your husband to return diamonds. The people at the jewelry store must have felt badly for my sweet man, returning diamonds! I love my bear honey – and I adore you! xxooxx

  2. What gives me comfort is when my dog is snuggled up next to me. My wife doesn’t like to be touched when sleeping, but I do.

    1. Ooh, and I don’t like to have the dog on the bed, but my wife does! (The cats, well, what can you do? They’re cats.)

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