Day 331 – Sounds of Saturday Morning

Art Apple - Day Three Hundred Thirty OneThere was quite a symphony going on this morning while Doug and I were lazily waking up.

The Russian Olive Trees are starting to ripen; the birds are in celebration mode and woke happily to feast but that was a mere background beat. The dog was stirring, shaking her body awake and Bitty Kitty was chasing after the reflection that scooted across the floor as the sun came in through the window and hit the fan oscillating back and forth. Tagger was persistently voicing his disapproval of our sleeping in by meowing away that it was in fact time for breakfast. And, the crescendo (I can’t help it) was the alpacas next door mating.

Those were the sounds of our lazy Saturday morning – gotta love the country!

Until tomorrow.


Day 331 was created in fabric, mesh screen, gesso, graphite, thread, and acrylic paints.

4 Replies to “Day 331 – Sounds of Saturday Morning”

  1. People who live in the city don’t know what they’re missing. (traffic noise tends to drown out the sweeter sounds)

    I hope you enjoyed the concerto

    1. So true! We lived in downtown Denver when we were first married and then moved to the San Fran area for three years. When we moved back to Colorado I was so ready for someplace super quiet!

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