Day 321 – Lovey Dovey

“Really love your… apples, want to shake your tree” – Steve Miller Band, with a slight improvisation.

This song takes me back and makes me sing it in the goofiest of ways, swaying my hips and hearing the tune in my head. If fact, since I decided to post this apple and topic today, I can’t stop singing “waaaaan wooooow” and “oooee Baby.” I can’t carry a tune so… I sing anyway!

This is the exact thing I love repeating over and over to bug the beegezus out of my sweet husband Doug until I get him to laugh or scream (yeah, I perform until I get a reaction – childish but oh so fun.)

Today I’m actually feeling sorry for the poor guy. I’m a bit giddy silly for some reason this afternoon and since he has a home office he is lucky that he has zero commute but unfortunate in that he has to put up with my antics all day long. “Lovey, dovey… lovey dovey…. lovey, dovey – all the time

Honey – “You’re the cutest thing that I ever did see!” LOL!  Even when you don’t put the Salt & Pepper away – humph.

Until tomorrow.


Day 321 was created in mixed media collage and acrylic paints.

In The Studio

1. Countdown – 44 days to The Big Apple Paint-A-Thon!

2. Apple Recipe of the Day – Acorn Squash with Apple Cornbread Stuffing

3. Process Photo of the Day – The cat kept me from painting!

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