Day 320 – Goodness Gracious

Art Apple - Day Three Hundred TwentyOh my goodness gracious.

I love to say that – maybe because it is so needed at times or maybe it is to counter balance the occasional cuss that slips out. It probably just makes me officially old but what pretty and polite way of saying… “seriously?”

Funny how the two words taken separately mean something so very different than the combo.

When you’ve had a “seriously?” kind of day – give it a try. If nothing else, you’ll get to giggle at yourself for giving it a go!

Until tomorrow.


Day 320 was created in acrylics.

7 Replies to “Day 320 – Goodness Gracious”

  1. Much better phrase than the F word I’m prone to using. I’ll give it a go! lol

    Cool apple! I luv the texture with acrylics. 🙂

  2. On days like that, I usually don’t say too much, but I’m really good at rolling my eyes in an upward direction.

  3. Goodness gracious! “Day 320 was created in acrylics” You could’ve said how you built layer upon layer of acrylic, let it dry forever, and then carved the image of the apple into the texture before painting!

  4. I grew up with my Mom saying “merciful heavens”. She said it alot during my teen years! I keep trying to find my very own appropriate substitute, but my daughter doesn’t like any of them- they are all bad to her ears:) love the new format.

    1. Hi Mary,
      I may need to add “merciful heavens” into my rotation – lol! Doug & I started laughing the other day – we caught him saying “goodness” a few times! Thanks for the nice words about the new format – always got something in the works here 🙂

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