Day 284 – Give It A Try!

Art Apple - Day Two Hundred Eighty FourI grew up in a home where we ate a large variety of foods. I didn’t have a choice about what was for dinner, we ate what was put in front of us and if we said we didn’t like something – well too bad – we were expected to have a “no thank you helping.”  We had to have a taste of everything.

It instilled in me a desire to try all foods – at least once. I know that I do not like sea urchin but other than that, there is pretty much no other food I’ve tried that I would say I don’t like. In the last few days there has been a great deal of discussion about favorite foods because my Dad’s birthday was coming up and we all get to have exactly what we want to eat on our special day. Dad decided he wanted Crab Cakes and flourless chocolate cake! We had a delicious meal and a great time celebrating and visiting which was so special for me since I leave for home tomorrow.

In the spirit of trying new things… we were at the farm stand getting some shell peas to go with the crab cakes and I noticed a soda in the small refrigerator called Vermont Maple Soda. I was intrigued and for a mere $1.59 I could quench my curiosity. I cracked that baby open and took a big swig. Humpf… YUCK!!!

But now I know. I will always give it a try – that way you know. Hopefully at 42 yrs old I won’t ever have to have a “no thank you helping” of Maple Soda ever again!

Until tomorrow.


Happy Birthday Dad!

Day 284 was created in acrylics.

4 Replies to “Day 284 – Give It A Try!”

    1. A sip approach suggested from the man who never tastes his food? lol

      It wasn’t any better in small sips – with enough bourbon I would have been raving about the Vermont Maple Soda! Miss you sweetie – can’t wait to see you tonight. xxoo

  1. I’m not a fan of sea urchin either, but there are many foods I don’t like. I got to be home with my dad on his bday a few years ago and I agree, it was really nice to be there on his special day. He has been at our house for his birthday before, but back at home it always feels different.

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